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With roots tracing back to 1882, King’s Material is proud of its foundation. Built solidly on the values of quality and service, we have the experience needed to offer the highest standards in concrete, masonry and landscaping.

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As a family-owned company, we have developed a family-centric culture that promotes integrity and empowerment. We hold our responsibility as industry-leaders in high regard and continue to pass that responsibility down generation to generation.

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William King founded King’s Crown Plaster Co. with the company’s operations focused on dredging sand out of the Cedar River to make plaster.


The company entered the “new” ready-mix concrete industry.


The first known sale of ready-mix concrete was made in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. At $6.50 a cubic yard, the price was considered outrageous.

Early 1970s

King’s and Builder’s Material, a masonry supply and ready-mix company, merged to create Kings-Builder’s Material Inc.


Kings-Builder’s Material Inc. was purchased by Charles P. Rohde (C.P. Rohde).


Company name changed to King’s Concrete Inc.


C.P. Rohde purchased multiple concrete block companies while continuing in the ready-mix industry.


C.P. Rohde acquired Iowa and Illinois Concrete Products and renamed the company in its entirety to King’s Material, as it’s known today.


Charles A. Rohde (son of Charles P. Rohde) was named president of King’s Material and continues in that role today.


Constructed a state-of-the-art ready-mix plant at 355 50th Ave. SW in Cedar Rapids.


King’s Material moved Iowa/Illinois Concrete to a new location in Eldridge, Iowa.


Added a location in Waukee, Iowa


King’s Material celebrates 140 years!

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