5 Steps to a Backyard Fire Pit

May 21st, 2020

A backyard fire pit offers your friends and family a place to gather and enjoy your evenings. We recommend using one of our fire pit kits for a quality and beautiful product. Here’s how to get the fire started in five easy steps.

  1. Chose a location for your fire pit:Before you begin, chose a location for your fire pit that is a safe distance away from low hanging trees, and other structures. Please check your local building codes for any location restrictions. Mark the area where your desired fire pit location will be. Using the proper equipment, dig out the surface material inside your marked area, approximately 4”-8” deep, depending on your site conditions. Again, please contact your local 811 to get your utilities located by a professional.
  2. Tamp down the dirt. Using a hand tamp,  compact the dirt in the desired location until the dirt is level or flat.
  3.  Add gravel to prepare the base. Put a 4”-6” layer of  crushed gravel in the fire pit location (not included with our fire pit kits). Install the gravel in 2” lifts and use your hand tamp to compact the gravel into a hard layer for a solid base. Make sure the gravel is level and prepped for the fire pit product to be installed.
  4.  Build the fire pit. After you have compacted your gravel, use the instructions included with your fire pit kit to install the kit properly and utilize the proper adhesive as noted. If you have questions, reach out to our team!
  5.  Relax and enjoy. Grab some firewood, s’mores, chairs and friends and enjoy! Send us a picture and we’ll feature your work on our social media channels.

Ready to build? You can shop for a fire pit kit here.