June 24th, 2022


Title: Landscape Sales

How long have you worked at King's?
I’ve been in the industry since 2014 but just recently joined the King’s Material team.

What are your primary responsibilities day-to-day?
I work in landscape sales. This means, anything that has to doing with landscaping, I can help you with! I mainly work with landscape designers and contractors on helping to fulfill their project needs.

What’s your favorite part about working at King’s?
The relationship with our customers gives me a lot of energy. But, I also really enjoy seeing the finished projects. Our contractors do AMAZING work!

What’s one of the most memorable projects you’ve worked on while at King’s?
I recently sold a really cool paver pool deck!

What would your walk-up song be if you were a baseball player?
I was a baseball player, and we didn’t have walk-up songs but if we did it would be AC/DC Thunderstruck.


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